The exhibition boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather on Sunday night was a farce for many reasons — but a video clip from the fight suggests it may have gone as far as to be fixed.

he did KO paul and then held him up bc they agreed to make it so they “could both win” with floyd being able to claim he actually won and logan being able to say he morally won because he was able to even survive. but floyd did knock him out.

— Hale (@weedbratton) June 7, 2021

With a few seconds left in one of the rounds, Paul lunged at Mayweather and missed, and the boxing champ countered with a swift punch to the side of the YouTuber’s head. After the hit connected, Paul appeared to go limp.

Instead of letting him fall, Mayweather appeared to hold him up off the floor, preventing a knockdown — or, perhaps, a knockout.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul during their June 6, 2021, fight
Getty Images

The round ended shortly thereafter and Paul was able to stay upright for the rest of the fight, with an end result of a no decision (though, since it was an exhibition match, the only real way a victor was going to be declared was through a knockout).

“This is still one of the greatest moments of my life … damn, I’m happy,” Paul said after the fight. “You never know with this guy, I’m going to go home thinking, ‘Yo, did Floyd let me survive?”

That said, the clip has led many to suggest that the match could have been fixed to last all eight rounds. Perhaps each “boxer” had an incentive to keep their match clean and go the distance for future bookings.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul during their June 6, 2021, fight
Getty Images

It was not possible to bet on the fight in the US due to it being an exhibition match with no official decision, but in the UK, Mayweather was a -700 favorite, according to the Action Network. Those who took those odds may be upset with the video.

Please don’t tell me or others that enjoy wrestling that it’s fake when you’ve got this right here. Dark day for the sport of boxing

— Joe (@Joe43212525) June 7, 2021

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