Since october 2017 we had a big gold rush of bitcoin in huaqiangbei market. Most desired machines were antminers s9 and Baikals x10.

From October the prices start to rise very fast from 18.000 rmb to 27.000rmb for the antminer s9 13.5T. Peak profits for this machine were 40usd/day and the best peak for Baikal X10 up to 125usd/day.

Then big storm arrive to the crypto market at the end of January 2018 with China closing doors to ICO, exchanges and finally miners, and South Korea frightening with close exchanges, wall street trading futures and Chinese new year a perfect boom, that brings bitcoin up to 7700 usd from the 20.000 usd peak.

Panic in the markets.

At the present they we found a 8000 usd strong support, that bring us to almost 9000 usd and fightin

antminer s9

g in this range.

This new year will bring a lot of new powerful machines from South Korea (samsung chips) and Japan.

Also we will see how goberments deals with crypto markets.

Now prices of miners are down as crypto and profits, let’s see what new things 2018 bring to us.

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We are getting close to Christmas time, the big hot sales time for Huaqiangbei market.

Normally there is a start product, like self balance scooter was some years ago.

This year we bit for the ultra portable electric scooter, in recent month prices are getting low closer to the self balance scooter.

This mini scooter, can go where ever you go because the light weight and easy to transport.

We where testing this e-scooter and is very good for last mile daily use.

Prices are around 1000 rmb for retail, depending the battery type and size.

Two versions are available, fiber carbon and aluminium.

Fiber carbon it is a bit lighter and better looking for a small increase price, but what really make the difference is the battery brand, chose LG or Samsung over Chinese brand.

Batteries are very important, specially for the power, with chinese ones after a bit, the voltage drops dramatically and so the power.

Korean batteries, keep the voltage more stable and therefore more power is available.

Maximum speed is 30km/h but usually is difficult to pass 25 km/k.

Fun, stable, easy to use, and very light weight, perfect combination for last mile personal transport.

Which is the product you think is going to be the start this Christmas?





huaqiangbei3D printers are getting very popular between makers community, but know with very low cost 3d printers, seems more customers are going to be interested.

In China you can get a 3d printer for the cost of regular printer.

Recently I have been working with 3d printers, and even still a little bit tricky they are amazing tools that can blow up you mind because in a mater of minutes with right 3d CAD software you can start to print and bring one idea to the real world supper fast and cheap.


I’m in the field of educational robotics and it’s amazing how fast you can design a robot with 21 century technology.

And because robotics 3d printers get very cheap, thanks to Arduino IDE, and the great community involve in the open source.huaqiangbeipolar

Also is very interesting the new setup for 3d printers like Scara 3d printer in the left, and polar 3d printer in the right.

Get tune.

Tony Lopez

Future Cities strand, we examine Shenzhen’s so-called “Shanzhai” (imitation) supply chain as authoritarian governmental control and hyper-accelerated gentrification are rapidly changing the face of the city. 

Some people are asking which kind of product you can find in Huaqiangbei electronic market, and the answer is basically any king of product that have electronics and sales good.

You can find toys, smart phones accessories, bluetooth, led, all kind of electronic components.

We where thinking about how to show the public how big is the Huaqiangbei market, in summary we can say is the biggest electronic market exhibition open all year in the world.

Please check Products tap to see pictures of some of the products that currently move more in Huaqiangbei electronic market right now.

Huaquiangbei electronic market is the best representation of all electronic factories in China, you can find almost any electronic gadget.

We attach some  product pictures for your reference:
mmexport1470650379119[1] mmexport1470650389697[1] mmexport1470650404356[1] mmexport1470650428621[1] mmexport1470650450355[1] mmexport1470650472605[1] mmexport1470650487555[1] mmexport1470650504170[1] mmexport1470650529161[1] mmexport1470650534941[1] mmexport1470650539186[1] mmexport1470650553557[1] mmexport1470650567195[1] mmexport1470650578577[1]

From huaqiangbeimarket website, we looking for you feedback. Leave your comments of what are you looking for or what you would like to find in this website. Please leave your comments or send us an email in the contact section.

Do you want to know more about new products, do you want more videos?




In the market there are several minidrones or some times call nanodrone.

Today we introduce you the smallest minidrone in the world. We were surprise how well it flights, even can do Backflips.

One of the strong points of this minidrone is that the remote control is also the boxing of the drone. Then you can pack all very compact. Just the shame is the charger system is apart, you need to carry the cable and small cable.

We think factory didn’t add charging system in the remote control is because the battery of the mini drone is very powerful, therefore will discharge the two AAA batteries of the remote very fast. For other rc devices some factories add the charger in the remote (see example:

But the way the charge of the minidrone is really fast, we feel like a 5 minutes. That’s a great feature !!!

the best combination is the remote with the drone and a powerbank with the usb charger cable that come with the drone, then you can play all day long.

If you don’t find in you local shop you can buy in amazon:


You can see our review in the following video.



This year seems is going to be the year of Virtual Reality. Just with few dollars and a smartphone, now you are able to travel in a second  for free to any part in the world thanks to google street view in virtual reality mode.

You have all kind of games and simulators horror, cars, planes, first view… for android and Iphone. if not you have also youtube videos to taste this technology. Best of all there are a lot for free.

if you are in Huaqiangbei market this it’s a must try.

There are a lot of VR glasses, from our point of view VR BOX 2.0 is the best deal at the beggining of this year. High quality at best price with all perfomance available. Aumented Virtual reality, smart phone charger and earphone port access, you can use with regular googles and adjust lends depending your eye vision.

vr vr vr vr

Also you have the cheapest version to taste virtual reality or for publicity promotion, is a Google design, made of carton:


You can buy in amazon, in the links below, or enjoy the test app if you already have your own virtual reality glasses :). We want to know which are your favorite app, leave your opinion in comments of this blog article.

Note: once you click following links you can scroll down at bottom of the page and chose your own country amazon site. Most of shops can deliver in 24h/48h 🙂

If you want to buy large quantity (more than 100 units), please contact us or in contact page.

But What is Virtual reality 360 video ?


Well seems companies like Google, Facebook, Samsung, Goldman Sachs… They think is a game changing technology not just for videogames, but for ALL INDUSTRIES.


  • Heather Bellini

    Business Unit Leader, Telecommunications, Media and Technology, Goldman Sachs Research


We think [virtual and augmented reality have] the potential to transform how we interact with almost every industry today, and we think it will be equally transformative both from a consumer and an enterprise perspective.

– Heather Bellini

The race for the next computing platform may be over. Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs Research expects virtual and augmented reality to become an $80 billion market by 2025, roughly the size of the desktop PC market today. In this video, Bellini discusses how the technology has improved since earlier launch attempts and how it’s already transforming sectors like real estate, healthcare and education.

Recommended app to test your VR glasses.


Now with Virtual reality mode, you can jump almost any place in the world. Enjoy the views of any the world for free and instantly.


You can do your own 360 virtual reality picture with your phone just in 1 minute. Very cool, also save the audio.


Horror game, if you like this kind of games, you going to enjoy a lot in VR mode. And the best of all is for free.

VR Cave app

Is a VR simulation inside a cave, i like to show this app to my friend never try virtual reality before.


Here you have some video from youtube to test your virtual reality glasses:

Enjoy 🙂

. .

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Huaqiangbei market, the biggest electronic market in the world, help guide.

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