TikToker puts Gorilla glue on hair, ends up in hospital  

The gorilla glue viral debacle has raised a lot of questions on DIY styling videos that are circulated on social media these days.

It all began when a TikToker realised named Tessica Brown posted a video on the app and said that she used gorilla glue adhesive spray in her hair to get the desired look. Things soon went awfully wrong as her hair had been stuck in the same style for over a month as she had substituted her usual Got2b Glued spray with industrial-strength gorilla glue.

Her video quickly went viral on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, garnering millions of views in just a few days. She posted a picture of St. Bernard’s Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Los Angeles where she reportedly spent 22 hours getting medical help for her hair.

In another update, Tessica said she was able to cut off her ponytail. She also told her followers that a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon has offered to help.

Even though her first video left many people terrified on social media, some refused to believe the strength of the glue.

A man named Len Martin thought that Tessica was making the story up. So, he decided to use the glue to stick a red Solo cup on his mouth. Unfortunately, things didnt wend well for Len, who ended up in a hospital with the red cup stuck to his nose.

Despite the viral debacle and repeated warning, some people are still trying the industrial-strength glue on their hair.

Another woman by the name of Avani Reyes had made the same mistake and the outcome was as predicted.

In a video that has gone viral, Reyes is seen trying to pull a comb through her matted hair. Unfortunately, it appears to be too stiff to budge even an inch.

Reyes had to ultimately check herself into a hospital for help.

The TIkToker said she used coconut oil to remove the adhesive but was unsuccessful. Now, she has set up a GoFundMe page to get help.

In an update, Reyes said that she has already received enough donations to fund a surgery to remove the glue.

You guys know it’s definitely been a journey with this Gorilla Glue. It’s been crazy, so thank you so much, she said.

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