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    This place rocks! I found it on google because I couldnt find anywhere that sold unagi sauce for my sushi! They were sweet and helpful and I came out with more than I needed because the store is so fun haha! I got fresh pickled ginger (delicious) my husband loves it. A huge fillet of broiled eel!!!!!!!! And soft shell crab!!!!!!! So I was ready and able to make some super fun extravagant sushi at home and I DID!!! Thank you guys for being here!!!!

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    I am rating this market as 5-stars, adjusting for local options and the high level of service.  This little Asian market is not a Ranch 99 or an Uwajimaya, but it is a splendid oasis in the middle of an otherwise Asian grocery desert.

    For its size, Asia Grocery Market punches well above its weight.  They pretty much have every imaginable Asian staple and then some.  Looking for inari sushi wrappers? You got it.  Rice of multiple varieties? Yup. Selection of spices and sauces? Sure thing, along with brand choice (!). Crackers, cookies, candies.  Oh yeah.

    I feel that their pricing is very fair, despite having a virtual monopoly on many of these goods.  And if you cant quite find what youre looking for, the staff is super helpful.  They pretty much know immediately if they have it in stock or not.

    One year we hosted an exchange student from Thailand, and after a few weeks we did a visit here.  Man, did he ever stock up and get happy from a visit to the store here!

    So yeah. If youre wondering if this place can fulfill your Asian Grocery needs, look no further.

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    Its the one and only Asian store in Medford! And so glad I dont have to drive to Portland to go Uwajimaya!! I suggest you call ahead to see if they have the item you need. We are from Hawaii and my daughter wanted me to make butter mochi! There are no substitutes for Mochiko flour! So I called and happy this store has Mochiko flour! We saw many things we can use for cooking some of our favorites from curry, chicken long rice, lumpia, spring rolls, and the list goes on and on!

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    Being half Asian, one of my first priorities when I move to a new place is to find an Asian store for those ingredients necessary to make my kinda comfort food.

    This store does not disappoint and I will be returning again.   Lovely welcome from a gentleman, who I imagine, the owner.

    A good assortment for those in the know. Even Indonesian soy sauce is available.   From spices to mixes to spring roll wrappers to chop sticks to tea: theyve got you covered.

    Prices are very reasonable.

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    This place doesnt look like much from the outside but It is amazing . The owners are so kind and they literally have so much stuff you cant find in corporate stores . Things like kiwpie mayo(Japanese one ) , authentic Curry paste and coconut milk, bamboo shoots  kaffir lime leaves , palm sugar . So thankful to be able to make top notch Thai food with real Thai ingredients . They also have sushi grade fish and everything you need is to make sushi . This market is one of the reasons I chose to love to Medford over grants pass . Please support them! They have bulk rice as well too reasonably priced .

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    This place is fantastic!! Im so glad they are open and that the basically have everything needed to make any Asian dish. I will definitely be back!

  • 3/18/2021

    I love this store! The people are always friendly and helpful. So much fun to cruise the aisles and pick up things that you dont find anywhere else. Go check it out!

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    We stop here every time we are going through the Rogue Valley. No Asian stores out on the coast so we need to go here or over to Eugene. This store has a pretty good selection of stuff and the guys running the place are friendly and knowledgable.

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    This little store has an amazing treasure trove of ingredients. I come here mainly for the house made Kim Chee. Its one of the better sources Ive found. My all time favorite is at a restaurant I loved in Portland, but this one comes in a close second. Ive also been looking for tamarind paste and finally found it here today too.

    The Asian market has outgrown its building though. When I came this week, there was so much stock down every row, it was hard getting through. I think they need to find a bigger building, but then Im sure it takes time to get customers accustomed to a new location and thats not a good solution- Ive been coming here for at least 8 years and they just get more stuff and more choices every time I visit.
    If there was a way to reconfigure their merchandise with maybe higher shelving that would allow them to go up - it might help the overcrowding? So if the owners are reading their Yelp reviews- please consider some new shelving or ways to make it easier to get through the aisles. It would make it easier to shop for ingredients since theres so many to choose from here.

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    Medford jewel: run by Korean folks, small but packed. Take your time, stroll in and look at everything. Aloha shoyu, Portuguese sausage, kalua pig, red hot dogs, takuan, li hing mango. It doesnt have all the veggies or cuts of meats BUT a wonderful place to keep you from missing Hawaii.  So hapoy they exist.


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