Traditional Lithuanian Easter palm known as verbos sold on spring market in Vilnius | © MNStudio/Shutterstock

Bite into a crisp, juicy Lithuanian apple or purchase a kilogram of handpicked, flavorful blueberries at one of Vilnius’ excellent markets. Markets and fresh produce are a way of life in Lithuania, and the best, freshest, and most inexpensive fruits and vegetables can be found in the first three markets on this list. For those looking for a discounted item or just seeking a browse through an array of goods, the final two markets on this list are for you.

Kalvariju Turgus

One of the largest vegetable markets in Vilnius, the Kalvariju Turgus (turgus means market in Lithuanian) is a massive, crowded market full of great bargains. A visit to Kalvariju Turgus is rather an experience in itself due to the sheer amount of people and variety of goods. At Kalvariju Market, visitors can expect to purchase in-season fruit and vegetables mostly from local growers. Meat, cheese, baked goods, clothes, and household items are also on sale. Vendors at Kalvariju Turgus often have the best prices and, in the right season, visitors may even be able to purchase wild harvested mushrooms for €2.50 or a kilogram of apples for 1 euro. Prices are certainly budget-friendly, and quality is not sacrificed here.

Kalvariju Market is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 am until 4 pm. Address: Kalvariuj g. 61.

Hales Turgus

Located in a former transportation building, the Hales Market has been serving the community as a market since 2002. Both outside and inside Hales Market, visitors will find vendors selling local and imported fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts, meat, dairy, and more. Frequently, the selection of fruits and vegetables are better at Hales Market than at any grocery store and prices are also much cheaper. There are even vendors selling discounted clothing, knock-offs, and household items. Additionally, Hales Turgus houses a few small restaurants and bakeries. Special tip: from the steps entering Hales Market, visitors will be able to marvel at the building-sized street art painted by Millo, a street artist from Italy.

Hales Turgus is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 am and is located on Pylimo g. 58. Visitors can learn more on their website.


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Tymo Turgus

Located just outside of Užupis, Tymo Turgus sells organic, local produce, meat, cheese, eggs, and baked goods. The prices are higher than Hales and Kalvariu Markets, but the produce is local, in season, and freshly picked. Vendors at Tymo Turgus often sell vegetables and fruits that can be difficult to find at other markets and grocery stores in Vilnius such as wild strawberries, kale, asparagus, and several types of delicate berries. Tymo Turgus is open every Thursday from 11 am until 3:30 pm. Those who arrive early will have a wider selection of fresh fruit and veg. Additionally, there is a nice playground where Tymo Turgus is held, and you’ll often see children playing while parents are doing their shopping.

Tymo Turgus can be found on the corner of Aukštaičių g. and Maironio g. Visitors can learn more on their website.


This weekly flea market is a good option to find used clothes, toys, and other items in Vilnius. Held every Sunday at 12 pm at Dance Bar, many locals and expats come to purchase both used and handmade items from numerous vendors. Some traders at Blusturgis provide heavy discounts.

Blusturgis is located at Šermukšnių g. 4A and is only open on Sundays from 12 pm. More details can be found on their website.

Gariunu Market


Located around 20 minutes outside of the city center, Gariunu Market is a massive indoor/outdoor flea market. In addition to clothes and food, this market primarily sells car parts and tires. Prices are similar to those found at stores and supermarkets. Open every day of the week except for Monday, the Gariunu Market should be visited early to get your choice of items on sale.

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