My fellow retarded brethren,

It is in my humble opinion that the information regarding Melvin having 5 to 6 days to cover their shorts is NOT true anymore. It may have been true at the beginning of the week, but not anymore.

Let me explain with links and shit for authenticity purpose - - 2.81 days

<open following link in incognito for multiple visits>

See the green line? - 1.15 days.

It is undoubtedly true that we simply do NOT know what is going on behind their closed doors. We will never know. So please, verify any information from multiple reliable sources.

I also came across some images yesterday which were uploaded by a user who Id like to credit but I cant find him, so the source of following images is dude, trust me - 1.42 days

The short ratio heavily depends on the volume. If there is a large enough volume and assuming Melvin has been steadily covering (which I personally believe they are), it will hardly take them a day to cover if the data on any of those links/images is true.

Just trying to spread awareness. I could be entirely wrong here and I would welcome it if someone proved me wrong.

I am holding shares like a muthafucka. Theres no doubt about it. I will continue to hold even if I am shitting my pants for every dip I see. But please, please, try to verify all the information that youre reading.

Holding since $37.70/share.


Yours truly,

Random diamond handed retard

This isnt financial advice as I am a complete and total retard myself.

Edit: Some goddamn good information (if true) -

verbatim from u/IFromDaFuture from the comments

Hijacking top comment. I am a retard and this is not financial advice.

You guys are confusing volume with real retail volume. Total Volume includes all the bullshit selling they are doing with each other. Retail volume is how much buying and selling is retail movement. Data shows that retail is providing very little sale side orders. meaning that the DTC is most likely much longer than the predictions here because they can trade with each other all they fucking want but until retail starts to sell in volume they wont pull enough shares to cover.

Edit2: I have to include this because this is a damn good point as well

verbatim from u/YesWhatHello

We are seeing short interest remain high though - my hypothesis is that the hedge funds covered their riskiest positions already and replaced those with new shorts (betting that the price would come down from its ~$300 level right now).

IMO, short squeeze is still a possibility if the price goes up further or if through holding the price stays the same and hedgies get bored / dont want to keep paying interest on their positions (although personally I think this is less likely than momentum in GME dying down and retail traders taking profits).

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