The worldwide outbreak of the corona virus is now affecting all of our lives, whether business or private. We constantly take appropriate measures to protect our employees.

Securing our supply chain is a priority for us. We are in constant contact with our suppliers and transport partners. We also monitor our stocks closely and identify alternative sources of supply where we consider this necessary. Many of our suppliers can maintain their production even in the event of long-term disruptions.

We have currently not identified any specific impairments in our upstream supply chain. Deliveries to our customers are made as usual. However, the spread of the virus inevitably increases the risk of supply chain disruption. For this reason, we recommend that all customers plan long-term, check the need and place orders early.

*** Please stay healthy! ***

Our professions are:

Company MLP GmbH Berlin was established
in 1990 in Berlin in Germany.

We specialise in assembly and erection of control room mimics and desks. Large area displays in the conventional mosaic technology form a key product line. We use the Subklew Mosaic System, which is suitable for small control panels up to very large overview displays. In many instances we also use other modern technology, i.e. printed aluminium sheet panels or our new ColorTec system.

Also the supply of all other components in a control room like furniture, floor, room walls as well as the ceiling including room illumination is a key product of our services.

Our technology
is used in the following areas
Industry - Traffic - Building automation
Environmental technology - Power

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