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Zerodha, the best discount broker in India, giving you best online trading platforms also giving you high level of comfort in exposure margin with CO and BO for intraday trading. Zerodha have very simple brokerage plan - Free delivery trading and Maximum Rs 20 per trade in Intraday, F&O, Currency Derivatives and Commodity. With chepest brokerage plan we put Zerodha in low brokerage and high exposure category. The Cover Orders and Bracket Orders both are availabel in Zerodha Kite Monile App, Kite Web Trading platform.

1st Jan 2020, SEBI has introduced new margin policy for Intraday Margin. With the new changes SPAN + Exposure for F&O, and VaR + ELM for equity, has to be collected upfront before taking a trade. This is now compulsory for Intraday Trades (MIS, BO and CO).

Zerodha Margin/Leverage/Exposure Details

Below table will give your complete details of Zerodha Margin policy. Due to market volatility broker may change their margin policy. This is standard leverage policy offered by Zerodha .

Product Margin/ Leverage/ Exposure
Zerodha Equity Delivery Margin No, Zerodha doesnt provide any margin/leverage for delivery/carry forward positions.
Zerodha Equity Intraday Margin Upto 10x margin for intraday leverage for equity.
Zerodha Future Margin (Index and Stocks) Upto 2x leverage for futures
Zerodha Options Margin Upto 2x margin for Options shorting, No leverage for option buying
Zerodha Equity CO/BO Margin Upto 20.8x margin/leverage in CO order for selected equity scripts.
Zerodha Future CO/BO Margin (FCO) Upto 33x margin/leverage in CO order for Futures contracts.
Zerodha Options CO Margin (OCO) Upto 20x margin/leverage in CO order for options Contracts Sell only.Buying is enable for NIFTY only.
Zerodha Commodity Margin Upto 2x MIS Margin of SPAN, Complete SPAN is required for carry forward positions.
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SPAN Margin Calculator Zerodha Margin Calculator

Intraday Margin Calculator

    In this section we have covered all type of Margins/Leverage/Exposure infomation which includes- Zerodha equity delivery margin, Zerodha margin for delivery, Zerodha delivery margin, Zerodha margin for intraday, Zerodha intraday margin, Zerodha nifty margin (Index), Zerodha future margin, Zerodha margin for commodity , Zerodha cover order margin, Zerodha co margin calculator, Zerodha oco margin, Zerodha margin for bracket order, Zerodha span margin.


  1. Does Zerodha provide intraday margin?

    Yes, the broker provides an intraday margin on trading in equity. If you’re an intraday trader with Zerodha, then you can get Zerodha intraday margin up to 10X or 10% including VaR + ELM.

  2. What is margin in Zerodha?

    Margin or leverage is an often-used term in trading that is actually the amount that a trader borrows from a broker for trade execution. Thus, the margin or leverage or exposure allows users to trade even with limited funds by borrowing it from the broker.

Last Updated on 2021-08-10

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