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One of the most diverse compost ranges on the market today, our superb Multi Purpose Compost is a market leader and our Professional Compost Mixes are widely used by gardening experts.

Some of our Products

This is a selection of our most popular products in the Growmoor range.


GroPlus Seaweed60

A compost that includes natural seaweed which contains 60 trace elements & nutrients which encourage growth.


EasyGro Potters Compost

Ideal for seed sowing, potting on, planting and containers. Includes 4 months feed for stronger roots & healthier plants..



Our Multi-Purpose is ideal for general garden use and has superb fertilisation and water retention capabilities.


MP with John Innes

By adding John Innes we can improve root structure, plant stability and retention of fertilisers and water.



Specially formulated for acid loving or lime hating plants such as Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Conifers.


Container & Basket

Rich Irish peats are blended with a proprietary granulated Slow Release Fertiliser to give no hassle feed all Summer through.


Salad & Vegetables

Sow your own salad crops, potatoes or vegetables and enjoy your very own freshly grown produce in your own allotment.


Soil Conditioner

Contains essential nutrients which help improve drainage and soil condition for a variety of plants, flowers & vegetable patches.

We can now supply animal bedding!

We can now offer peat based animal and poultry bedding. It is available in 80L bags, bulk bags and and loose loads. Please contact us on 028 3885 2346 or email us on for more details.



Check out some of our Client Reviews

  • Strawberry Garden Centre took the Growmoor range of composts on board for 2019 and WOW! We have used various Growmoor composts for our own growing within the nursery and with positive results. The attractive packaging has also contributed to greater repeat retail sales and feedback has been very positive from our customers.

    Sarah Heath, Strawberry Garden Centre
  • Hi, we have recently been stocking a large range of Growmoor compost products and have to say how really pleased we are with the quality of the different composts and the feed back from our customers. It is an excellent refined product tried and tested by ourselves on our planted containers and hanging baskets. We are really pleased and can highly recommend. Great product , great value.

    Jacksdale Garden Centre
  • Weve been selling Growmoor compost at Valleyside Garden Centre this season and our sales and customer feedback have been fantastic. We sell their complete range and their range is great value AND excellent quality.

    Ricard jackson, Valleyside Garden Centre
  • We have dealt with Growmoor for nearly 3 years now, sales out are very good, the product is of a high standard with very good margins and full support with point of sale including banners. Excellent back up service from representative.

    Cowells Garden Centre
  • Growmoor supply us with a great range of products which our customers love. They are a wonderful firm with amazing attention to detail, would highly recommend.

    Booths Garden Centre
  • Been working with Brian & Growmoor now for a while and after taking on a new site and venture at Hudsons Plant Centre in Derby I decided to take the products on board with great success... Great customer feedback on price and quality... Thanks for your great service...

    Carl Hudson, Hudsons Plant Centre


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