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UTI Nifty Index Fund is an open-ended index fund scheme replicating/tracking the Nifty 50 Index. It is one of the largest index fund having competitive cost and tracking error. The scheme envisage to replicate the performance of Nifty 50 Index subject to tracking error.



1 Year

3 Year

5 Year

Fund Facts

Month End AuM

Monthly Avg. AuM

No. of Folio Accounts

Minimum Investment Amount

Total Expense Ratio

Benchmark Index

Special Facitilities

Fund Performance


  • Invested amount is the amount entered for either Monthly SIP and Lumpsum for the duration selected
  • For lumpsum and monthly SIP investments returns are compounded annualized. 1 Year is assumed as 365 days.
  • Dividends declared from benchmarks constituents isnt taken into account when comparing with investment in schemes dividend plans.
  • Worth of investment: Performance is compared against the latest benchmark of the scheme irrespective of the date of change of schemes benchmark, if any.
  • The start day for SIP investments is considered as 1st of every month
  • For the purpose of NAV date applicability, if the investment date happens to be a non-business day, next business days NAV is applied.
  • Gold prices are available post 29 JAN, 2005 are based on daily closing values on MCX.
  • PPF interest rate is assumed at 8.7% p.a. interest received is compounded monthly for the returns illustration in the charts.
  • Dividend payouts reinvestment in scheme is not considered for the purpose of calculation of returns and graphical representation.

of Rs

Must be a multiple of 100 and greater than 0.


Principal Invested: x installments =

  • vs
This Scheme BSE 100 Fixed Deposit Gold PPF
3 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
9 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
1 year 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
3 years 139.25 145.89 137.65 188.67 112.78
5 years 164.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
Since Inception 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
  • VS
Period Fund Performance Vs Benchmark (CAGR) Growth for Rs 10,000 /-
NAV (%) NAV (Rs)

Different plans have a different expense structure. The performance details provided herein are of Regular plan. * CAGR - Compounded annualized Growth Rate

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