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The Spanish government announced on Friday the areas that will move to new phases of the coronavirus deescalation plan. Madrids request to transition to Phase 1, which allows social gatherings of up to 10 people, was rejected again by the central government. Some restrictions on shops in the region, however, will be lifted in a bid to reactivate the economy.

Earlier in the week, the government introduced a 14-day quarantine for all international travelers to Spain. The measure, which came into effect on Friday, has alarmed the Spanish tourism sector, which is already struggling from the fallout of the coronavirus crisis.

And in other news, the preliminary results of an antibody study has revealed that just 5% of Spaniards have contracted the coronavirus.

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The entire Valencia region is transitioning to a looser lockdown, while a few Spanish islands are moving ahead to Phase 2


The temporary measures, aimed at slowing the coronavirus outbreak, will not affect essential travel


Preliminary findings of the survey reveal that over 90% of infections have gone undetected by the healthcare system


An internal document discusses the likelihood of street disturbances over the fallout of the prolonged lockdown


Airlines are refusing to space out passengers while hotels warn the quarantine will keep visitors away


The lockdown has given the 4.5 million families in the country with small children an overload of responsibility. Experts are calling for urgent measures


The man who took the photo of the machine-translated webpage explains to Verne how an “innocent joke” among friends turned into viral sensation accusing EL PAÍS of incompetence


As the coronavirus lockdown eases, experts predict that capacity in the workplace will be reduced by 30% to 50%, with staff combining teleworking with on-site shifts


Early action by Portuguese authorities is being credited for the country’s low death and infection figures


Regional education chiefs reject recommendations by PM Pedro Sánchez to open up classrooms for children up to six years of age when Phase 2 of the deescalation plan goes into effect

El Roto cartoon, May 14, 2020


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