Wholesale Deals In Jacksonville, FL

If you are an investor in the Jacksonville area and need a forum to find buyers or pick up your next flip or buy and hold, then join us in the group and let the connections start to flow. Were all in this for the same reason - make money and change lives. We can do a lot of that by working together ...

Connected Women Investing

We are an investment group designed by women, for women. We are creating an environment of women empowerment, women supporting each other. This is a place where professional industry women can network and share ideas and resources. We offer full Real estate service such as, development, Construction ...

You Got Deals I Got Cash

I represent a group of buyers really motivate ready by Properties Nationwide. They are looking for : 1. Group A: is looking Single and Multi-Family up 200 units in New York City and the Boroughs of New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, plus upstate New-York and Yon ...

Multifamily Investor Network

The Multifamily Investor Network is a nationwide network of apartment investment professionals and high-level multifamily asset executives in various areas of the multifamily investment industry. Its purpose is to create networking opportunities, encourage discussions, and provide members access to ...


Wholesaler Mentor Group

We are located all over the US. This group was created to help those who are NEW or INEXPERIENCED in Wholesaling properties. We do not portray that we know everything, we only know what works for us. There are numerous avenues to wholesale (Fix/Flip, Buy & Hold, Absentee Owner, Distressed Properties ...

Connected Multi-family Investors

WE HAVE THE DEALS! If you are a real estate investor looking for apartment building investments we have nationwide multi-family apartment buildings and other commercial property investments for immediate cash-flow. Become an investment partner; locate an investment partner; become a General or Limit ...

Dallas/ft. Worth Real Estate Investors

This group is for both newbie and experienced investors. The purpose of the group is to network with other individuals for deals, contractors, advice, lenders, and anything else topic related. Keep it cordial, have fun, and lets make money!


Bird Dogger

This group is for investors, brokers,and buyers looking for bird dogs. If youre to busy or to tried of running around looking for potential properties let me the bird dog do it for you.

Newbies Can Earn While Learning

If youre a beginner and youd like to earn while learning the ropes, we at Tunatawala LLC was willing to take you by the hand and assist you. You wouldve been your own boss as an independent contractor and we were gonna pay you on a commission basis for every deal you worked on with us that made i ...

Notes - Performing & Non Performing

This group is for those interested in purchasing real estate notes, performing notes (PN), Non-Performing Notes (NPN) aka Non Performing Loans/Liens (NPL). You can list opportunities for sale or your discuss your interest to purchase notes. You can also learn more about purchase real estate notes he ...

713 Houston Area Real Estate Investor Network

Houston area real estate investors of all kinds. We have wholesalers, flippers/rehabbers, landlords, apartments, private and hard money lenders of all experience levels. The purpose in creating the group was to have all types of RE investors in and around the Houston area be able to network and help ...

Joint Venture Wholesale Deals

This group is for Wholesalers who either have a great deal but no buyer and the Wholesaler who has great buyers but no good deal! Here you can come together and partner up and network with other Wholesalers! (Please keep JV deals down to 2 Investors please)

Marketpro Homebuyers Co-wholesale Program

Marketpro Introduces the Co-wholesale Program!!!! Introducing the MarketPro Homebuyers Partner Program. We collaborate with wholesalers and investors to close deals. We would like to invite all DMV area wholesalers/investors/agents that are looking to close deals. Come partner with us. We pay the ...

Connecting Buyers & Properties

Connecting Buyers & Properties, Designed to stream line the process of Whole-Selling property to Buyers and Investors with a quick deal solution CRM software, that will allow us to offer You the BEST deal, while building a reliable network for Off market homes, Buyers & investors to communicate and ...


Investors of Central FL (cash Buyers)

Investors (cash buyers) looking to connect and network with other investors for wholesale deals and real estate for a deep discounted price in Central FL. Drop your contact info and your investment strategy (fix n flip or buy n hold), and someone in the group will help find what youre looking for ...

Atlanta Real Estate Investors Club

This group was created for real estate investors and real estate professionals to network, share knowledge, and sell contracts. Lets share this group with others and build it up fast so we all make money together!

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