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how many women sheikh mohamed have? which need to have more than one ? Will the marriage to his first wife was not for love ? And because they are the Sheikha Haya appeared in public with him? Is it because it is the most beautiful and he wants to show to the world or because its the only one he really loves ? I hope the hamdan Prince has only one woman

It’s my understand that Prince Fazza’s father, Sheikh Mohammed, has or has had four wives, and fathered a child with an additional fifth woman. Under Islamic law, polygamy is legal and men are allowed to have up to four wives, as long as they love and treat all of them equally.

Sheikh Mohammed’s fourth wife, Princess Haya of Jordan (pictured), is a public wife not because she “is the most beautiful,” but because she chooses to be. I doubt Prince Fazza will have more than one wife as polygamy is no longer a very common practice with his generation in the UAE.  

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Happy Birthday, Sheikha!

Happy 31st Birthday to my favorite sheikha! I am sorry I missed the big day on your side of the world, but it is still March 8 in the United States…so hopefully my wish still counts. I hope you had a fun day of celebrations with your amazing family!

Dear S.I.,

Princess B is charming. Like mother…like daughter!



Thank you for your note!

I am aware of the large family.

So sorry to hear you had to delete your photos!


To Dubai World Cup Anon: 

A fun sighting! Thank you for the update. I hope you enjoyed your day at the races!



May 17, 2018 - Ramadan Mubarak to my followers who observe Islam’s holiest month. To celebrate, a photo I took of traditional Arabian lanterns inside of Dubai’s textile souk.


I’ll have what he is having!

January 5, 2018 - An article and photos about Prince Fazza’s visit to She Burger, a new hamburger restaurant in Dubai. 

January 7, 2018 - Prince Fazza’s sister, Sheikha Maryam, got married on Friday night! Attached is a nice article and video highlights featuring Sheikh Mohammed, Prince Fazza and Sheikh Mansoor arriving for the reception at the Dubai World Trade Center. Congratulations to the new couple!


Taking fashion tips from Prince Fazza? ;)

November 28, 2017 - Prince Harry walking in Chelsea, London.


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