Comparing all the Gold ETF’s available in India to find the best gold ETF of India to invest in 2021 for retail investors.

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The final best of funds series for 2021 and what can be better than to conclude the series with the best Gold ETF to invest in 2021.

I am also getting queries about the right time to invest in gold and Gold ETF investment. I don’t think this may be the right time to jump into the Gold investment. However, a small SIP in Gold ETF may be a better choice for diversification purposes.

Gold ETFs Available in 2021

We get the Gold ETFs from the NSE Website directly.

NSE Symbol Avg Traded Qty

*Average traded volume data is per NSE Website.


The vital criterion to select the best Gold ETF is to invest in is the ETF, which has a lot more trading volume. If the average traded volume is meagre, you may end up paying a lot more because of the lesser number of sellers available when you want to buy. Similarly, when you want to exit, the same may happen on the downside.

Based on the above criteria, we only have only one choice, which is GOLDBEES. However, as per ValueResearchOnline, it has an expense ratio of 0.83%, which is very high for an ETF.

One can also consider AXISGOLD and KOTAKGOLD, but they also have an expense ratio of a range of 0.55%. Considering they only have to benchmark gold, the expense ratios are very high for the fund.

Undoubtedly the best Gold ETF to invest in 2021 has to be GoldBees.

Final Thoughts

As always, this isn’t a recommendation of any fund or ETF. The emphasis is on the process. The ETFs may be doing well now, or have a better trading volume now, but when you want to invest, use the same process, and find the best ETF at that time to invest. Use ValueResearchOnline and NSE Website as and when you want to invest in a Gold ETF in 2021.

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